Our Services:
Initiation (by the debtor, by the creditor) and full support of all bankruptcy procedures
A complex approach in bankruptcy proceedings (analysis of the company's activity, work with accounts receivables, asset valuation, creation of a register of creditors, development of schemes for the sale and preservation of assets of the bankrupt company)
For the Debtor
Deferral of the debt or its complete write-off
The purchase of debt at a discount
Buyback of the debtor's assets at auction
Protection of assets from the fraudulent activities of third parties
Resolution of issues of subsidiary liability of persons controlling the debtor
Protection against criminal prosecution
For the Creditor
Preventing inclusion of other creditors' claims in the register and gaining control over the procedure
Challenging asset withdrawal transactions and recovery of property
Selling the debtor's assets at maximum value
Bringing the people controlling the debtor to subsidiary liability
Criminal prosecution of people controlling the debtor
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