Barely anyone can offer better quality for a lower price
How much could it cost to write such a masterpiece as Pushkin’s
"I do recall the wondrous moment…"?

Each case is unique and everyone offers their own terms. The only certainty is that no one would offer a low price for great quality.

Advertisements on "wholesale" bankruptcy, various liquidations of business, plant takeovers, amongst others, that are common nowdays have nothing to do with our work.

Before relying on the firms publishing the advertisements, one should understand how they will meet the challenge and solve the problems.

Often, the approach to settling  issues is rather superficial and simplified, without considering possible adverse consequences for the customer.

If there are adversaries, any simplified solutions may lead to greater problems.

We do not work this way because of the following reasons:

We cannot be so irresponsible to rely on chance when dealing with our partners’ crucial projects;

Insolvency officers, we cooperate with, handle many insolvency processes. Any their error made due to our fault may cause their disqualification and removal, in other words it can endanger not only their professional responsibility and fulfillment of the particular project’s task, but it can endanger other processes they are involved in;

Our team members are professionals and civilized people, and bad business practice goes against their ideas of morality.

What we do?

Being very experienced in adversary proceedings, we strive to carry out any procedure thoroughly. It is our partner-grantor who assigns boundaries of responsibility and scope of functions, not us. We use our knowledge and skills, but if we do not know something, we will learn it and take responsibility for everything.

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Financial terms are discussed individually after the case is thoroughly investigated.

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