We are the team of the company July and we say WELCOME.

Dealing with bankruptcy is what we do to earn our living. We have been working together since 1997, and over the years we have probably learnt to be the best in our field. The service we provide is unique. Few companies can compare with us in terms of working process organization, the extent of immersion in work, the degree of responsibility and determination to reach the final outcome.

Bankruptcy is not something we want to wish anyone, and we advise to all of our clients to avoid it any cost. It is a major issue for an organization, and even though, we deal with this issue, we still recommend to do without it. Yet, it is a tool inherent to any civilized society. So, if you happened to face B., we’re here to support you. 
Bankruptcy is always a balance of interests. The interested party’s rights that we are defending (be it a creditor, a debtor, a court-appointed manager or anyone else), should know that we will use all our knowledge and experience to make this balance fair. We help our clients to preserve what has been created with a lot of effort and talent and what they have invested a lot of heart and soul in.

We are very aware of the responsibility for our clients who trust us in the same way as patients trust doctors. We love our job, we are proud of it, and that is what has helped us continue with our work for so many years. Here we would love to tell you our story as have nothing to hide.   

The "Media about us" section provides you with materials about our company published by our opponents and allows you to make an independent judgment about our work.


It was July 1996 and a group of people who now make up the core of the company were working hard united by the idea of introducing their first project into the market.
It was targeted at handling reciprocal past-due debts between organizations and included self-designed software.
We were advised not to leave the project without a name, but we had no time to think.

"July" was the working title of that project, which arose spontaneously.
Two years later the Russian government in the Act N1380 25 / 11 / 1998 set its relevant services a task similar to the one that had already been set and achieved by us.

It presupposed creating a mechanism of settling past-due debts.
Unfortunately, at that time we were unable to introduce our project to those in power.

"July" was the working title of that project, which arose spontaneously.

Nevertheless, the project became well-known to the general public. So when the company was about to be registered, the most logical thing to do was to give it the name of its successful project.  

What happened to us in the years to come gave us a new and very special perspective on the company’s name. Over time, it was proven that we were right in choosing this name.

While we were working on the project, we thoroughly researched the debt market and its legal framework. From that time on we have been consulting companies on economic and legal issues, specializing in bankruptcy procedures. As soon as laws and regulations concerning bankruptcy were formed, we were amongst the first to assist in bankruptcy procedures professionally.  

Over the years of our work, we have acquired significant experience in realising complex projects, many of which were unique and did not have any analogies at the time. Our compаny started working without any financial help or protection from powerful connections, so everything we earned through hard work, willpower and faith in our success.

Our firm was set up at the time when the market had already been shaped in most business spheres. Despite this, our services were in demand thanks to our innovative approach, which was different from other legal consulting agencies, in the fact that we:

charge our fees based only on the particular financial result our client receives;
carry out all the work that we consult on ourselves.

With time, we gained more advantages:

a reputation as a reliable team in professional circles;
vast experience in dealing with plant assets in bankruptcy;
a full range of procedures used in bankruptcy — self-regulated organizations, court-appointed managers, organization of auctions, operator companies, amongst others;
for some projects we involve and finance third parties.

Early 2010 the company opened its office in Moscow.

Our principles

Along with the growth and professional development there appeared
our personal understanding of basic principles at work

Approaching work in a comprehensive and creative way

We do not set any limits to what our competence is. We use all the knowledge of the subject, and if it is not enough, we are ready to learn new things

We do not set any restrictions on our responsibilities-we are responsible for everything

We always look for an opportunity

Every case is special, every partner is a priority

What matters is not the form but the substance

We do our best to exceed your expectations


We do not think in terms of "why?" but we think "how?"

We are the best tool in bankruptcy

Our main achievement is our stable team of highly qualified and gifted professionals,
which is also our biggest advantage.
Our services
Professional experience

We provides consulting enterprises in subscription mode on non-standard business issues, including addressing legal issues

Each case is an unique

We have acquired significant experience in realising complex projects

Each partner is important for us

The interested parties rights that we are defending, should know that we will use all our knowledge and experience to make this balance fair.